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Summer 8-1-2022


Interactions between proteins residing on or near the membranes of biological cells trigger many of the signaling cascades that facilitate the transmission of information between the exterior and the interior of the cell. Normal function of these protein-protein interactions (PPIs) is required for the healthy functioning of complex single- and multi-cellular organisms. Abnormalities involving these interactions are implicated in several diseases, such as the progression and treatment resistance of many forms of cancer. Understanding both the normal and abnormal behaviors of these interactions is necessary to improve our understanding of such diseases, which in turn can drive drug development for treatments and preventatives. In this dissertation, we develop several single-molecule localization microscopy (SMLM) based techniques to detect and quantify various aspects of PPIs. In particular, we focus on the development of optical and computational tools for application to the study of PPIs. The methodologies presented in this work have the potential to aid discovery of novel PPIs, to elucidate the functions and behaviors of known PPIs, and, more generally, to find application in other areas of SMLM and biological research.

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Physics & Astronomy

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Keith A. Lidke

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Victor M. Acosta

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David H. Dunlap

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Diane S. Lidke



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