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Summer 7-5-2022


A major application of quantum computers is simulating other quantum systems that are intractable to simulate classically. The broad family of algorithms for this problem go by the name of quantum simulation. Product formulas provide resource efficient and practical methods to simulate Hamiltonian dynamics. In this thesis, we study the resource estimation of quantum simulation by product formula from two aspects. First, we provide a detailed analysis of the algorithm itself. Using the effective Hamiltonian perspective, we successfully reduce the circuit complexity of quantum phase estimation and digital adiabatic simulation. Second, we analyze the performance of dynamical decoupling, a widely-used error suppression protocol. By generalizing previous methods, we obtain rigorous error bounds for different types of dynamical decoupling.

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Physics & Astronomy

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Milad Marvian

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Ivan Deutsch

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Tameem Albash

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Rouzbeh Allahverdi




Quantum Simulation, Adiabatic Quantum Computing

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