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Nitrogen vacancy (NV) centers have been used extensively for the measurement of magnetic fields in applications of geology, biology, medicine, and fundamental physics. In regard to fundamental physics, NV centers offer a unique opportunity to test potential velocity dependant spin-spin interactions as well as velocity-spin interactions at the micron scale. In regards to magnetic materials, NV centers offer a platform to investigate magnetic properties of nanoparticles in an individual, but highly parallelized measurement. In this work, an experiment is proposed to measure a potential fundamental interaction between spins, mediated by an integer spin boson. These velocity dependent interactions will couple the NV spins to spin-polarized and unpolarized masses. In addition, an NV center diamond microscope is used to measure the magnetization and Neel relaxation properties of super paramagnetic iron-oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs). These measurements pave the way for better SPION characterization, potentially improving their effectiveness in medical imaging and cancer therapy.

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Physics & Astronomy

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Victor Acosta

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Nathan Jackson

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Keith Lidke

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Alejandro Manevacas


nitrogen vacancy center, NV center, quantum, magnetometer

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