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Spring 5-2021


Conventional measurement technology is unable to extract the most amount of information possible from coherent states of light. Non-Gaussian measurements which can count individual photons can surpass the sensitivity limits of ideal conventional strategies, and approach the ultimate limits achievable given by quantum mechanics. This thesis presents investigations and demonstrations of these unconventional measurements, which utilize coherent operations and single photon counting. This thesis shows that non-Gaussian measurements can outperform conventional strategies in estimation tasks as well as a variety of communication problems. This thesis also investigates novel approaches and algorithms for building robustness to static and dynamic noise which is present in realistic implementations, a critical barrier to transitioning non-Gaussian measurements out of the lab. Overall, this thesis aims to show that the single photon counting can be leveraged to implement measurements that operate at sensitivities which are inaccessible to current technology.

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Physics & Astronomy

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Francisco Elohim Becerra-Chavez

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Ivan Deutsch

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Keith Lidke

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Alberto Marino




Quantum optics, optical communication, single photon, quantum information

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