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Ted Dean Rupp

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The neutron energy spectra from the reaction p + p → n + p + π+ for an incident proton energy of 800 MeV was measured for all phase space. ++ The channels were dominated by △++. (1232) resonance and had a total cross section of 16 ± 1.5 mb. Also, the data demonstrated the dominance of Sand P waves. The experimental results were compared to isobar, phase space and a one pion exchange model. The isobar and phase space models failed to predict the experimental results; however, the one pion exchange model fit the data for laboratory angles greater than fourteen degrees. This model allowed for the computation of individual amplitudes and predicted the presence of significant interference terms. The amplitudes and interference terms were used to compare p + p → n + p + π+ with n + p → p + X at the laboratory angle of sixteen degrees . At this angle the isospin amplitudes where T = 0 were found to be present in neutronproton interactions .

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Physics & Astronomy

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