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Spring 5-1-2019


Light carrying orbital angular momentum (OAM) has many applications ranging from optical manipulation, imaging and remote sensing, and optical communications, and can be used to perform fundamental studies in quantum mechanics and quantum information. Moreover, single photons with high-order OAM allow for increasing the amount of information carried per photon in quantum communication. This thesis describes the study of methods for the preparation and detection of OAM of light in high mode order by utilizing beam shaping techniques using spatial light modulators (SLMs). The quality of the generated high-order OAM mode is limited by optical aberrations which are induced by optical elements in realistic systems and propagation through realistic channels. In order to create and characterize the OAM modes with high quality, we investigate methods for aberration detection and correction using SLMs. These beam shaping techniques for the correction of optical aberrations allow us to generate and detect light carrying OAM with mode order ranging from l = 0 to l = 8 with good quality, and to generate high-quality superpositions of OAM modes with high mode order or in high dimensions. Furthermore, we observe low crosstalk and good levels of mode discrimination between diff erent OAM modes of light. Our experimental setup can be applied in future studies to investigate and test diff erent protocols in quantum information with high dimensional systems, such as high dimensional quantum state tomography.

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Physics & Astronomy

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Francisco Elohim Becerra-Chavez

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Keith Lidke

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Alejandro Manjavacas




orbital angular momentum, Laguerre-Gaussian modes, spatial light modulator, optical aberration correction, quantum state tomography

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