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Winter 2-20-2018


Correlated light generated from atomic ensembles can have a central role in prominent quantum information protocols, such as long-distance quantum communication. Here we present our studies on three topics involving the generation of correlated light with four-wave mixing (FWM) in a cold atomic ensemble for applications in quantum communications with high capacity. We experimentally investigate the generation of light with seeded FWM in cold cesium atoms and the time correlations of photon pairs generated with spontaneous FWM. We theoretically investigate the correlations in orbital angular momentum of photon pairs generated with spontaneous FWM for a range of experimental geometries. These studies represent foundational work toward the control and measurement of high-dimensional entanglement in the orbital angular momentum degree of freedom photon pairs for use in high-dimensional quantum communication.

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Physics & Astronomy

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Francisco Elohim-Becerra Chavez

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Ivan Deutsch

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Arash Mafi

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Poul Jessen




Four-wave mixing, quantum optics, orbital angular momentum, entanglement generation, atomic ensemble, photon pairs

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