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Summer 6-4-1957


This study shows that current noise occurs when there is a deviation of Ohm's Law, i.e., when the applied voltage and resultant current are no longer proportional. Since most, and perhaps all, cases of occurrence of frequency and current dependent noise are associated with non-linear devices, e.g., semiconductors, diodes, vacuum tubes, insulators near breakdown, it seems reasonable to seek a mechanism involving non-linearity as an important feature. Even though it may not be justifiable to seek a single mechanism to explain all of the occurrences of current noise, nevertheless, the fact that in cases studied and discussed herein the non-linearity is not a layer phenomenon (as in semiconductor devices), nor a space-charge effect (as in vacuum tube devices), but simply a result of heating the sample does seem to point to some single underlying cause.

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D. Froman

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E.A. Krenetko

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Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory

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