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Spring 5-27-1955


A problem in mathematical ballistics of fundamental importance in meteoritics is investigated in this thesis, namely the problem of estimating the speed at which a meteorite of assigned shape, mass and density struck a specific earth-target, either from purely theoretical considerations or from penetration or other impact-effects actually observed and measured in the earth-target.

In the second chapter several methods for calculating impact-velocities based on terminal ballistic theory are developed. While some of these methods can be successfully applied to as many as 63 recovered meteorites, others are applicable only to a very few known meteorites because of the failure of meteorite collectors to scientifically investigate and record all the data relating to the impact-funnels made in the earth-target falling meteorites.

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Physics & Astronomy

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Lincoln LaPaz

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M.S. Hendrichson

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Paul W. Healy

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Milton Kahn




Ballistic Resistance, Meteoritics, F.R. Moulton, Earth-Target Meteorites, Terminal Ballistic Theory

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