Dynamic re-immunization of off-treatment childhood cancer survivors: An implementation feasibility study.

Jennifer H Han
Kathryn M Harmoney
Elif Dokmeci
Jacqueline Torrez
Cathy M Chavez
Loretta Cordova de Ortega
John F Kuttesch
Martha Muller
Stuart S Winter


There are no universally approved re-vaccination guidelines for non-transplant pediatric cancer survivors. We hypothesized that by utilizing a response-based re-vaccination schedule, we could tailor vaccine schedules in off-treatment cancer survivors. Pre-vaccination antibody levels were obtained in 7 patients at an average of 20 days after the end of treatment date. In those without protective antibody levels, we administered vaccines 3 months after completion of treatment. Revaccinating patients 3 months after the end of treatment date resulted in protective antibody levels for most vaccines. We showed, on a preliminary basis, that vaccinating non-transplanted pediatric cancer survivors can be dynamically implemented in children with recovering immune function.