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The purpose of this paper was to find out the values and goals that people seek to realize in their occupations, how they perceive the state government as an employer and how working for the state government competes in attractiveness with other employment. Special emphasis was given to people with a high level of education and attainment because it was assumed that this was the type of people the state government needed most. To accomplish this purpose, the best tool found was the questionnaire used by Franklin Kilpatrick in a similar study about federal government employment. Three different groups were included in the sample: students, state employees and private industry employees. The findings seem to suggest that state government is in a disadvantaged position when attempting to hire highly qualified personnel, because of the poor image these people have of what state government has to offer as an employer. The only exception was that of high school students, who seemed to have an indifferent or slightly favorable attitude towards state employment.

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Public Administration

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