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Jack L. Dage

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As science and technology become more complex and as funding and manpower availability become tighter, especially within the Department of Defense, better management systems are imperative in order to get the required work done. Network based management systems are one of the newer and more powerful types of management systems developed to aid the manager in planning, scheduling, controlling, and reporting on his projects. Although more than 100 different network based management systems are in existence, all are based on the arrow diagram and critical path principles for planning activities. The Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) and the Critical Path Method (CPM) were the first systems developed, and all others have evolved from these systems.

This thesis selects a particular organization, the Army Missile Test and Evaluation Directorate (ARMTE) of the White Sands Missile Range, and develops a network based management system which will serve the needs of that organ­ization. The approach taken consists of the following steps:

1.Review of the literature on network based management systems.

2. A study of the organization involved, concentrating on:
a. Organizational
b. Present management systems;
c. Nature, size, and duration of separate tests;
d. Availability of trained personnel and computer facilities; and e. Attitudes of personnel towards network based management systems;

3. Comparison of the organizational data with the various network based systems requirements and uses;

4. Adaptation of one of the existing systems (perhaps with modifications) or development or a new system to meet the specific needs or the organization; and

5. Outline or an implementation plan for the system.

The conclusion reached is that a network based management system can be developed which will be compatible with the presently used management systems within ARMTE, be flexible enough to handle all the projects expected to be assigned to ARMTE, and not necessitate any reorganization or ARMTE. Specifically, an existing system, Management Operation System Technique (MOST), developed by the Avco Corporation, is recommended for adoption after minor changes, to meet the particular problems or the organization, and to assure integration with its other management systems.

It is hoped that the literature research and the methodology used in this thesis will prove useful to others seeking to apply network based management systems to other areas or endeavor, including organizations dealing with urban and social problems.

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