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At this time a general concern exists in the scientific, political, administrative and scholarly communities for the federal government of the United States to examine and refocus the resources of scientific and engineering agencies in order to place a new degree of emphasis on the social and urban problems of America. Recognizing the relevance and impact of this topic, a specific point in the urban situation, technological decision making, has been identified as an area which can benefit from the application of science and engineering techniques. Research has indicated that these fields can meaningfully and readily contribute the tools of models and model building to urban technological decision making. The basic hypothesis of the paper proceeds from this, that technological decision making in the urban situation can be improved through the use of a decision model.

Research in the literature has shown that case studies are the most fruitful source of data on urban technological decision processes. Hence, cases from the literature are reviewed and analyzed to develop data on decision making in the urban situation. To further explore this area, primary research into one specific urban technological decision Is carried out and presented as a case study.

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