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The problem is one of determining if present contract types, which are being utilized for research and development are adequate to maintain public confidence and guard against irresponsible raids on the public treasury through favoritism, "complexes", and vested interest while still providing the proper scientific environment for the conduct of research and development.

In recent years there has been considerable controversy over the proper type of contract to be used by the government in funding R&D efforts with private industry and with universities. Examples of this problem are evidenced by the continual congressional debate on funding procedures, and by private industry refusing to participate in some programs. In some instances private industry has gone broke or experienced considerable financial loss in performing R&D efforts. The method of coping with this problem has been addressed by each new Secretary of Defense. Some of their methods of solving these problems appear to be direct contradictions of methods used by the previous Secretaries. Recently some new approaches and some new types of contracts have been appearing.

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Public Administration

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School of Public Administration

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Albert H. Rosenthal

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David R. Jones

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