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We recognize our faculty at the University of New Mexico through this annual publication, Faculty Publications and Creative Works. This publication highlights their scholarly and creative activities and achievements and serves as a compendium of the creative activities of University of New Mexico faculty during 1995. Faculty Publications and Creative Works, represents not just an enumeration of faculty research achievements, but our attempt to fully illustrate the depth and breadth of research activities performed throughout the University's laboratories, studios and classrooms. The communication of individual research is an important vehicle for the sharing of ideas, concepts and thoughts, and ultimately seeds the birth of new ideas. In support of this, UNM faculty, during calendar year 1995 produced over 2,483 works, including 1,975 scholarly papers, 134 books, 67 reviews, 141 book chapters, 4 patented works and 162 creative works. We are proud of the achievements of the University of New Mexico faculty which are reflected in part in this publication. Faculty Publications and Creative Works illustrates the robust and active intellectual pursuits in support of teaching and research here at UNM.


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