Neutrosophic Sets and Systems


In various fuzzy multiple attribute decision making (MADM) applications, different information descriptions and aggregation operators (AOs) play a crucial role. However, both the Einstein sum and product can include their typical algebraic operation features, but they lack the characteristics of periodicity operations. To fill the research gap of Einstein AOs for single-valued neutrosophic values (SvNVs), this article aims to propose Einstein AOs of sine SvNVs and their MADM model as their new extension. In this study, we first define a new sine SvNV, which integrates sine functions into the membership functions of indeterminacy, falsehood, and truth, and the Einstein operation laws of sine SvNVs. Then, we present the sine SvNV Einstein weighted average and geometric AOs and their properties. Furthermore, we develop a MADM model based on the proposed Einstein AOs in a SvNV circumstance. Lastly, we apply the developed MADM model to a site selection example of a hydrogen power plant as the verification of its application in a SvNV circumstance. The decision results reveal the rationality and validity of the developed model with respect to the comparison of the related models.



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