Neutrosophic Sets and Systems


An Expert System as Case-Based Reasoning with the interaction of inductive reasoning is useful in predicting and evaluating domains that are difficult to formalize as is the case of the legal one. Since in this domain, a subjective environment is presented where the parties have contradictory points of view. Despite the multiple advantages of its implementation, the design of this type of system presents certain difficulties in establishing which are the predictive attributes that allow determining the similarity between a past situation and the current one, since they are mostly based on Boolean expressions. Which is in contradiction with the subjectivity of the process. To address this situation, the authors intend to establish the parameters to develop a Case-Based Legal Reasoning algorithm endorsed in a neutrosophic environment. Since the hypothesis states that its incorporation would guarantee a process where neutralities will be handled not by classical numbers but using neutrosophic numbers, which are the most natural form of measurement for human beings.


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