Neutrosophic Sets and Systems


The subject “Education and Society” is part of the syllabus of the “Basic Education” program of the Autonomous University of the Andes, Ecuador. This subject has the complexity of linking different aspects of society, some of them not free from contradictions among themselves, and imprecision and uncertainties in assessing students’ performance. For this reason, the concepts and aspects to be evaluated on this subject are represented through the use of plithogenic numbers. Plithogenic sets were defined to model concepts arising from the dynamic interaction among other simpler ones, which may have contradictions with each other and include neutralities or indeterminacies. This research aims to propose a novel method for the evaluation of the subject “Education and Society” through the use of plithogenic numbers and their operators. The lecturers will be able to perform the evaluations with the use of natural language; in the same way, the results will be given using a linguistic scale, which will facilitate the understanding and representation of the evaluations. On the other hand, plithogenic numbers will allow capturing the complexity, imprecision, and uncertainty that lecturers may face in their evaluations.



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