Neutrosophic Sets and Systems


This paper aims to promote educational inclusion and achieve a positioning that makes visible the actions involved in this academic process. It has as a reference a project aimed at families of students with SEN during their schooling, this need arises due to the difficulties that parents have to deal with the academic performance of children and adolescents. Technology in the educational context is the new trend in the process of teaching and learning in students, the media and digital education are the tools now to promote educational inclusion in the Ecuadorian context. It is intended to implement the activities immersed within the programs covered by the project, reach homes, regionally, nationally, and internationally on the management carried out in the chosen population, which are children with SEN. This study corresponds to a mixed research design, The neutrosophic research method was used for the analysis and indeterminacy through the neutrosophic descriptive statistics. The results obtained indicate a clear interest of students in the virtual environment and make use of the various tools that can be provided to improve learning conditions.


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