Neutrosophic Sets and Systems


In towns where social phenomena such as poverty, migration and unemployment prevail, the informal market acquires special relevance, as is the case in Ecuador. The country has currently experienced a rise in this market, for example in the province of Pastaza, City of Puyo, where the Mariscal Market is located. In this market, most people are engaged in informal trade. A situation that has a negative impact on the economy and therefore requires an analysis which, due to the nature of the phenomenon, requires the intervention of multicriteria methods for its evaluation and decision-making. That is why this research aims to evaluate the negative impacts of informal trade related to the Mariscal de Puyo Market to offer strategies for the Government’s decision-making process. In order to select the best strategies to determine a path to follow, we used the technique called neutrosophic TOPSIS enriched with the application of the neutrosophic AHP Saaty and PESTEL. The paper ends with conclusions on the strategies to follow to mitigate the negative impacts of informal trade in this region.



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