Neutrosophic Sets and Systems


For the development of a business and its inherent economic requirements, the owners usually have to accept bank commitments that turn them into debtors. Many times situations may occur that make it impossible to deal with these debts, so insolvency must be declared, a process that has adverse effects on both the debtors and their families and employees. The current economically precarious situation in Ecuador has led to an increase in this kind of problem. Due to the affectation observed in the canton of Pastaza. The authors of this paper have a special interest in studying this phenomenon, which comprises several edges of society. That is why the objective of this investigation is to measure the legal and socioeconomic effects of the debtors declared in this region. An efficient and simple technique is required for multicriteria decision problems such as the AHP Saaty in its neutrosophic version and the Pareto chart.


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