Neutrosophic Sets and Systems


This research aims to evaluate the knowledge about the incidence of ergonomic risks in the occupational health of the teachers of the UNIANDES University. Our starting point was the problem related to many physical affectations suffered by teachers and registered in the Institution's medical department system. Then they were scientifically based on topics such as occupational health, occupational risks, ergonomics, and technological elements. Methodologically, we worked with a population of 478 teachers from which a sample of 218 people was selected. Digital survey through the Forms application and the AHP Saaty method were the investigative techniques we used. Among the main findings, it can be noted that the vast majority of those investigated spend an average of 10 hours in front of the computer and are unaware of aspects related to ergonomics and its impact on occupational health. Finally, we make a proposal related to the use of technological elements to generate knowledge about the occupational risks generated by ergonomic aspects.



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