Neutrosophic Sets and Systems


Children and adolescents under custody are a phenomenon that occurs daily in the country. Many homes are disorganized because parents abandon their children and leave them in the hands of guardians, who do not take good care of children and adolescents, usually being victims, having consequences in their behavior due to lack of the proper protection of their children parents. These children and adolescents are sometimes victims of violent situations, that is, the rights of children and adolescents are violated. It is necessary to analyze the use of neutrosophic cognitive maps on this problem to determine and characterize the variable factors that affect the custody of minors and the development of childhood and adolescence. So that, with the ranking of the incidence factors, decision-making by the government would be facilitated by defining strategies to mitigate the negative effects coming from custody not conceived under the parents' responsibility and the protection of the rights of childhood and adolescence



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