Neutrosophic Sets and Systems


Deprivation of liberty is a mechanism used by the State to reduce unlawful conduct and preserve a peaceful coexistence among its inhabitants. Having a transparent, equitable, and egalitarian administration of justice is essential when a person violates peace and harmony. The effectiveness of this system lies in need to synergistically achieve efficiency and effectiveness in both the bureaucracy and the actions inherent to it. Failures today affect the remarkable work in the Social Rehabilitation Centers, which violates the inherent rights of adults in conflict. The situation was modeled with compensatory fuzzy logic using the single value neutrosophic numbers to deal with uncertainty, which led to the analysis of the results and strategies to mitigate the situation. The main problems lie at the management level of the system that does not achieve the execution of concrete actions in the Rehabilitation Centers, so it is not effective or efficient. It is suggested as main strategies of action: exhaustive training of the personnel and modifying the legislation that propitiates the imperative mode for this problem.


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