Neutrosophic Sets and Systems


How companies relate to customers and the global society has changed over time; those who do not use internet marketing and social networks have reduced their recognition. The archaic ways businesses handled their marketing have caused a considerable lag in their online sales and the many benefits they can offer. The revolution in the use of technology is currently fundamental for business; practitioners can find several areas to apply this resource, such as decision-making, teleworking, and sales, among others. This allows adapting business operations and services efficiently. Companies leverage a combination of cutting-edge technologies to modernize legacy business operations and recognize and implement new opportunities from current models. This research aims to analyze aspects related to the implication that social networks have in marketing in small and medium-sized companies in the city of Santo Domingo. Te research was developed based on the analytical-synthetic and inductive-deductive research modality and mathematical modeling for decision-making through neutrosophic logic and plithogenic logic. It was determined that the most relevant economic activity is commerce and that the tertiary sector was one of the most affected by the quarantine. Likewise, it was determined that social communities helped increase sales and that the most used company is Facebook and its complementary networks.



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