Neutrosophic Sets and Systems


Currently, humanity has made significant progress in the development of telecommunications and the economic, social, and health sectors; probably, in the same way, a series of pathogenic organisms have evolved considerably, causing harm to humanity. That is why Health Sciences has resorted to the technological advances offered by the industrial and telecommunications era. Among the tools of great help to combat infectious agents are statistical tools, which contribute a decisive step in advancing scientific studies aimed at communities and society. The application of Statistics in Health Sciences is essential to apply its knowledge in preventive activities, health promotion, and clinical studies. This knowledge allows students to face more complex courses and content and formulate better scientific criteria for analyzing and developing healthcare and research activities. Although a level of evidence has been achieved in the recommendations for tracking the health problems faced by the communities and the possible treatments to be applied in patients, there are still certain levels of indeterminacy in the analyzed data that generate arbitrary or discretionary opinions outside the scope of the classical statistics which can be better covered if processed by neutrosophic statistics.


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