Neutrosophic Sets and Systems


With the constant technological changes and their exponential growth due to the use of numerous applications, you can see the expansion of the electronically paid quotas which added to the organizations that experience a considerably greater misrepresentation, as well as the expansion of the quotas made with the Visa that was added to this development. Extortion can be characterized as a criminal behavior executed to obtain advantages related to money without reflecting on the results of this demonstration. Therefore, the development of an age adjustment was proposed to limit the problem using individual and regulated calculations that depend on AI strategies. The arrangement also considered excavation methods for handling information. The research used information from a public organization that relied on information from outside organizations to conduct banking transactions. For the complete system development, PHP was used as the programming language and PayPal as a transactional method or payment gateway due to the security it offers between transactions. For the development of the topic, we used mathematical modeling for decision making through Neutrosophic Logic and Plithogenic Logic.


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