Neutrosophic Sets and Systems


E-commerce consists of the purchase, sale, distribution, marketing, and supply of information about products or services through the internet so that any client can access the products or services from anywhere and at any time. It constitutes a negotiation model that acquires more and more followers, generating great economic benefits for those who use it. To make e-commerce successful, it is necessary to be present in large marketplaces, by increasing visibility. A marketplace has a very large flow of users who already trust the brand. Therefore every detail of the consumer's shopping experience must be taken care of, the customer service system perfected, and business promoted with the practice of marketing. In this paper, the main effects that influence the pillars and the success of e-commerce were determined and it is identified that customer service constitutes the factor with the greatest incidence in the growth of e-commerce, based on the analysis of the neutrosophic statistics.



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