Neutrosophic Sets and Systems


"Obesity is a chronic, non-contagious disease to which attention has been paid worldwide at all times, but current studies are focused on childhood and adolescent obesity after the Covid-19 pandemic. The reason lies in the fact that the younger the child, the greater the risk of developing complications during his life. That is why it is established as a problem to be analyzed from various points of view. Consequently, this study aims to develop a causal analysis of the determinants of childhood and adolescent obesity in post-COVID-19 Ecuador using Neutrosophic Cognitive Maps from a hermeneutical point of view. The authors consider as an idea to defend that by analyzing the determining factors of childhood and adolescent obesity after the influence of Covid-19, it will be possible to strengthen the coordination and articulation mechanisms of the State, which allow the development of strategic actions to prevent overweight and obesity in the population. To achieve this, a referential framework for child-adolescent obesity was established, a working procedure was elaborated combining the hermeneutical method with neutrosophic cognitive maps for the causal analysis, and conclusions were issued where strategies were established according to the observed patterns and world trends in the face of the phenomenon that allow the development of strategic actions to prevent overweight and obesity.



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