Neutrosophic Sets and Systems


The scientific research proposal is part of the task to be carried out in academic and research institutions around the world. This is a complex decision-making problem, because decision-makers must determine the projects that are appropriate to the subjects addressed by the institution, those projects must be achievable within a reasonable deadline, they must have the financial means and the budget necessary to be carried out, the staff must be sufficiently qualified and an optimum number of personnel must be available to succeed the tasks and not interfere with other research projects. This is a predictive problem, thus, the proposed model is based on Delphi method for evaluating research projects and is supported by neutrosophy. Delphi method is widely applied in the prediction of future events, in this model we introduce the uncertainty and indeterminacy modeled with neutrosophy. As the best of our knowledge, this model is the first one, which applies a neutrosophic Delphi method in the evaluation of scientific research proposals. Finally, a hypothetical case study illustrates the applicability of the method.



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