Neutrosophic Sets and Systems


In the field of the development of Information Technology solutions, web applications are the most used tools for the businesses commercial management in their different scales. However, in the company “JM” Advertising, located in the city of Quevedo, Ecuador, does not have a digital medium in this regard, which supports the commercial management. That is, it does not have a digital catalog of products and services, nor orders online or online collections. In this context, web usability plays a key role in the process of developing successful websites. This paper proposes a methodology that allows the evaluation of the usability of two prototypes of web portals in the ‘JM’ advertising company. This methodology is applicable to other companies of similar functions. The methodology contains tools such as neutrosophic TOPSIS and neutrosophic AHP. Evaluation in the framework of neutrosophy incorporates the indeterminacy that is typical of decision-making processes, while the combination of AHP with TOPSIS allows us to take the advantages of both techniques.



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