Neutrosophic Sets and Systems


To teach English in Higher Education is of great importance to have professionals prepared for the challenges imposed by the globalization. Ecuador is a Spanish-speaking country for which the teaching of English is part of the programs of study of the courses taught in the Ecuadorian’s universities. This paper aims to carry out a statistical study of the acceptance of the LIFE program in the teaching of English at the Regional Autonomous University of Los Andes (UNIANDES in Spanish), its pros and cons. This is measured according to a Likert scale, with five options, two positive, two negative and one neutral. We consider that none of these three levels should pass unnoticed, since each of them shows a tendency to consider. This includes the aspect of indeterminacy, which indicates the existence of contradictions, indifference, among other motivations of this type. Therefore, we perform a non-traditional processing of the Likert scale, more in line with the principles of Neutrosociology and Neutrosophic Statistics, where the indeterminate probability is taken into account for the social group which is student body.



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