Neutrosophic Sets and Systems


The study of leadership is a fairly recurring topic in the scientific literature in recent years. Some approaches concern with the relationship between leadership and some personality traits of leaders. One field where leadership is of great importance is the business world, where leaders are needed to direct the company's progress because they inspire the other members of the organization. This paper aims to propose a mathematical method for measuring the transformational leadership degree in the company. Transformational leadership is the most complete of leaderships; the transformational leader is versatile, charismatic, communicative, empathic, and produces positive changes in the company. The method is based on the opinion of colleagues and subordinates of the leader about its leadership capacity, rather than on the study of its own personality. For the method to be easily usable, it is based on a graphic representation of both, the individual evaluations and the final results. The method is derived from the neutrosophical psychology theory, since it is considered not only the concepts of or , but for the first time the is defined to classify those people who exist in the organization that neither direct, nor restrain the development of the company, moreover, the a-leadership can be a component of any leader’s personality.



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