Neutrosophic Sets and Systems


In present, the university education promoted by the Regional Autonomous University of Los Andes, Ecuador, is supported by a Virtual Learning Environment. This is the fundamental reason that originated this research, for knowing if the use of the Virtual Learning Environment has either a positive or negative effect on the teaching-learning process in this university, especially in the Puyo campus. To carry out this work we consider the academic cycle April-August 2018. A survey was conducted in a unique environment and was applied to teachers and students, such that their opinion on the use of this tool is investigated. The processing of data of the survey was based on the neutrophic Iadov technique. Iadov technique consists of a set of three closed questions, and in addition an undetermined number of open questions that are processed by a logical tree that combines every triple of possible answers with a number that serves to logically evaluate such a combination. Neutrosophic Iadov generalizes the Iadov technique in order to take into account the indeterminacy that is typical of any evaluation. Therefore, this method is more accurate than its precedent.



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