Neutrosophic Sets and Systems


Human Papilloma Virus is a health problem for paying attention to. This is due to the consequences it can bring to infected peoples and the society. Thus, it is a privilege to have the vaccine that prevents children to get such disease. Particularly we propose in this paper to carry out a study of the approval level of the Human Papilloma Virus vaccine in the fiscal school "Bolívar" sited in Tulcán city, Ecuador. To achieve greater accuracy in this study it is applied the method of 2-tuples linguistic neutrosophic model, which is part of the Computing with Words. This tool allows obtaining results from the evaluation of the satisfaction of the respondents by means of linguistic terms, which is the most natural way of evaluation compared with the numerical one. There is also a numeric element that measures the accuracy of the result. The incorporation of neutrosophy allows the explicit inclusion of indeterminacy within what is evaluated, that results in a greater accuracy in the model with respect to the 2-tuples linguistic fuzzy method.



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