Neutrosophic Sets and Systems


Emotional intelligence is a relatively recent and important concept in psychology, where the individual's ability to control his (her) emotions and to deal with the behavior of those around him (her) is taken into account. This implies a dynamic relationship between concepts such as the opposite which are rationality and emotion, where the emotionally intelligent individual would be located in the right middle of these two poles. A very recent way of representing these triadic relationships is the neutrosophical psychology theory, where if A is a psychological concept, the dynamical interaction of the concept is represented by the scheme ( ). This paper studies the behavior of the emotional intelligence in a group of university students from the Autonomous University of Los Andes in Ecuador using classical statistical inference tools, according to the triad ( ). The main motivation of this paper is to study the state of EI in the students of this university since a high EI will guarantee better future professionals and higher quality learning.


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