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Fall 11-10-2021


If the world is to progress through the fourth industrial revolution, rapid advances in materials science must complement new technological feats in manufacturing, computation and device functionality, and a broader understanding of how materials behave as they age and degrade. To this effect, much effort has been directed towards polymeric materials to address and solve many problems in this new era. This includes developing polymer composites that incorporate fillers to imbue multifunctionality, fabricating novel formulations for additive manufacturing, and conducting aging studies to assess the performance of these materials over long time spans. Building and expanding on the latest research in these endeavors, this work explores developing novel thermoplastic and thermoset composites for fused filament fabrication and direct ink write 3D printing and evaluates the long-term aging behavior of polymer composite formulations.


thermoplastics, thermosets, 3d printing, accelerated aging, radiation shield, multifunctionality

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Nanoscience and Microsystems

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Nanoscience and Microsystems

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Heather Canavan

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