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The disadvantaged and marginalized groups in Nepal, and particularly women and Dalits, face grave hurdles to acquire post secondary education. Lack of educational access has deprived the rural and marginalized groups of opportunities to realize their full potential as citizens. Further, the larger society is not able to utilize the potential contribution of all citizens for socio-economic development. NRNA and CFFN are proposing to support the establishment of an Open University in Nepal which by creating an open admission process can substantially improve the educational access for the disadvantaged groups. The Government of Nepal has already initiated the planning to establish such a university. The government has also carried out the initial scoping for this project and clear need is well established for such an institution. NRNA and CFFN wish to provide solid collaborative services. This paper provides an assessment of need for an Open University of Nepal and discusses several aspects of planning for the university. It provides an outline of the pedagogical areas, a preliminary business plan, and a vision of management and administration of the institution. This paper also identifies the core proponents of the initiative, potential institutional collaboration and an initial plan of action.