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Ram Sharan Mahat, Ph.D.: The royal move has given de jure character to the earlier de facto rule of the King. The immediate revival of the House of Representatives is part of the Nikas to the current situation. Unfortunately, many of the common men who spoke out against the Maoists are now keeping silent. Mr. Pradip Nepal: The political parties do not need to take responsibility for February 1. Minendra Rijal, Ph.D.: The Nikas lies in a three-step strategy: an inter-party, common minimum program, negotiations with the King to end direct rule, and the formation of a new government to draw the roadmap for a peaceful resolution of the Maoist problem. Mr. Pari Thapa: The political parties should accept responsibility for ignoring the importance of multiple cultural identities within the country. National Peoples Front takes a pro-republican stance, but emphasizes the need for a general consensus among the major political forces.'


Nepal Study Center, University of New Mexico, USA