Volume 3 (2010)

The May, 2010 issue includes the following articles: "John Steele" by Will Steinsiek, "Curriculum in Methodist Circles" by Bob Sawyer, "The Hendrix Church 1888 -1912" by Eva Jane Matson, "Berino Methodist Church 1917- 1959" by Julia McMillie, "Reminiscences" by Russell Carver Parchman, "William Henry Duncan" by 0.A. McBrayer, "Thomas Harwood's Intrepid Curiosity" by Larry Castillo-Wilson, and "Amistad" by Will Steinsiek. The Archives and Historical Society (A&HS) Pages section of the issue includes information about the Archives and Historical Society, an announcement for the 2010 Heritage Tour, and the "Last Word" column about Bishop Eugene Russell Hendrix.


May 2010 (Vol 1 2010)
New Mexico Conference, United Methodist Church