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A 1902 graduate of Illinois College of Medicine with degrees in medicine and surgery, Dr. Frisbie arrived in the Territory of New Mexico in 1908. From her parents' homestead near Wagon Mound, she set up practice -- often riding horseback to see patients in Ocate, 25 miles away. In 1911, she moved to Albuquerque, where she was the only woman among the 25 physicians then serving the town's 20,000 people.

Dr. Frisbie practiced medicine in New Mexico for 54 years -- first as a general practitioner, then as obstetrician/gynecologist. She earned the confidence of her many patients and the respect of fellow physicians, who in 1916 elected her president of the New Mexico Medical Society. She was the first woman head of a state medical society in the country.

Her approach to health care was both generous and personal. She was said to have never turned away a person in need of care. After helping Congregational Church missionaries set up clinics during the 1920's in the Spanish-speaking communities of Cubero, San Mateo, and Bluewater, she continued to make monthly calls there.

As medical advisor to women at the University of New Mexico during the 1930's and staff member of the Los Griegos Clinic during the 1940's, she continued her community service in addition to a private practice. She worked closely with the Masonic Shrine organization in their crippled children program and was first chairman of cancer detection clinics for Bernalillo County.

A woman of innate culture and refinement, she demonstrated leadership not only in her profession, but in the community as well. She was a charter member and president of Albuquerque branches of Business and Professional Women and American Association of University Women.

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