The 1976 Women in New Mexico Exhibit by the American Association of University Women - New Mexico

Exhibit Purpose and Selection Criteria


Exhibit Purpose and Selection Criteria



Purpose: To illustrate to the community how a number of New Mexican women have made notable contributions to life in this state.

Criteria for selection:

  1. Her contribution(s) - to the present, to her own time period
  2. How much and what type of documentation is available on her?
  3. How available are her artifacts and products?
    • a. Artifacts:
      • i. personal (costumes, tools, home furnishings, correspondence)
      • ii. period (magazines and newspaper articles, periodicals)
    • b. Products:
      • i. object (music, published document, paintings, crafted object)
      • ii. event (passage of legislation, change in public attitude, personal/family survival)
  4. Was she:
    • a. Productive; attained high order of magnitude and quality in work and [illegible]
    • b. Living in New Mexico during the major productive part of her life?
    • c. Innovative in her work?
    • d. Outstandingly typical or atypical of her time period?
    • e. An embodiment of her personal philosophy?

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Exhibit Purpose and Selection Criteria