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Written in 1974 as my thesis at the University of New Mexico, I made this revision in 2014. The original version was premiered by the New Mexico State UniversityCivic Orchestra, Marianna Gabbi, Conductor, March 6, 1980 at NMSU in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I served as guest conductor, and James Rivers, Pianist-inResidence at Washburn University of Topeka, Kansas was piano soloist. The work has the form of a traditional nineteenth-century piano concerto. Yet the subtitle and the programmatic titles of the movements suggest a suite of related pieces. Though the work is a unified whole, there is a difference in approach among the movements, as they are character studies (the last suggesting interaction among the characters of the first two). The work is predominantly tonal/modal, and it is frequented by major chords a tritone apart, and by major-minor combinations and sevenths. Central to the piece is the opening synthetic scale, made of two tetrachords of a half-step, whole-step, half-step, and a connective step (raised fourth), very close to the octatonic scale and suggestive of the ancient “church modes."

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I. The Fool II. The Orb Followers III. The Recyclement


Three-movement concerto for piano and orchestra

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A video of the premiere of the two-piano revised version, with a detailed introduction by the composer:


M. Mauldin


piano concerto, master thesis composition

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Revised version (c) 2014. Instrumentation: 2222/2221/4 perc/timp/strgs/pno

Duration: 22:10.

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