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"Inspired partly by watching my own sons' reaction to growing up in New Mexico, these intermediate piano solos were written for my younger students, but use a more sophisticated tonal/rhythmic language than many of their level. Pedal is not required for any of the pieces, and there is no dotted rhythm more complex than a dotted quarter note followed by an eighth."

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Movements: The Falls at Dark Canyon (0:43) Walk Through Crystal Cave (1:08) Horse Trail to "Old Baldy" (0:46) Whitewater Canyon (0:56) Sun at Blue Glacier (1:04) Rocky Mountain Steam Train (1:16)


Intermediate piano solos for young students

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Recording: Performed by Michael Mauldin on the CD, "Love Without a Name: Music I Wrote For My Students", produced by M Mauldin


M Mauldin


piano solos, piano students, Southwestern landscapes

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Free 30-second sound-clips may be heard & downloaded at

27 SW Scenes for Young Pianists- Falls at Dark Canyon.mp3 (1045 kB)
Falls at Dark Canyon

28 SW Scenes- Walk Through Crystal Cave.mp3 (1644 kB)
Walk Through Crystal Cave

29 SW Scenes- Horse Trail to Old Baldy.mp3 (1127 kB)
Horse Trail to Old Baldy

30 SW Scenes- Whitewater Canyon.mp3 (1349 kB)
Whitewater Canyon

31 SW Scenes- Sun at Blue Glacier.mp3 (1543 kB)
Sun at Blue Glacier

32 SW Scenes- Rocky Mountain Steam Train.mp3 (1838 kB)
Rocky Mountain Steam Train