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These nine piano solos were written at Annacarla between 2011 and 2013 for my students who were graduating high-school seniors. Except one of them, "Jean's Angels," which was written in honor of a different kind of senior. Jean Villasenor, my neighbor at Annacarla, celebrated her 90th birthday there, so I wrote and performed this piece in her honor. I think she has at least two angels who watch over her at all times.

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Fable (Benjamin Metzner) (2:45), Caravan (Chris Musson) (2:09), Morning Sun (Catherine Doherty) (1:25), Mountain Run (Logan Adams) (2:23), Starlight (Marlowe Justus) (1:57), Legend (Samuel Albert) (2:38), Peace (Austin Torrez), (1:50) Jean's Angels (Jean Villasenor) (1:46), Rhapsody (Anna Hamrick) (2:58)


Nine late-intermediate to advanced piano solos

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piano solos, character pieces, intermediate/advanced piano pieces

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