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This report discusses the utilization of hospital inpatient service by the Indian Health Service (IHS) and the tribes in fiscal year (FY) 1996. Information is tabulated by the age, sex, and principal (first-listed) diagnosis of the patients. The data in this report were collected from IHS-operated hospitals, tribally-operated hospitals, community hospitals that are contracted by the IHS or the tribes. Detailed tables at the end of the report include: 1) the population and number of hospital discharges by sex and age; 2) the number of discharges by principal diagnosis, age and sex; 3) the number of all listed procedures by hospital ownership and type of procedure; 4) the number of all listed procedures by age group and type of procedure; and the number of discharges, days, and average length of stay by principal diagnosis for each IHS Area. Included in this report is a comparison of the IHS and tribal hospital experience to the use of non-Federal short-stay hospitals by U.S. civilian all races and where possible white populations.

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Indian Health Service, Staff Office of Planning, Evaluation and Research, Rockville, MD 20857.