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The Data Policy Roundtable - The Future of Indian Health Information Systems was convened to explore options and develop strategies for future Indian Health Service/Tribal/Urban (I/T/U) program information systems. The concerns and needs of both tribes who chose to contract/compact and those who did not were considered.The focus was on developing strategies to create a new Indian health information system, one that was not an Indian Health Service system but rather a system designed and supported by tribal and urban health care delivery organizations and the Indian Health Service.The participants represented a broad range of concerns and needs. They identified problems, issues, and solutions. Participants generously shared information and reports about the often extensive work their groups have done to assess their needs and study the options available to them to improve their systems to meet their needs.The group benefited from the candid expression of viewpoints coming from representatives of the tribes and urban groups, members of national and regional tribal health boards, medical professionals, and staff from various Indian Health Service divisions, industry experts, and interested observers. As the roundtable discussion of issues, concerns, and options progressed it became clear that in the future an Indian Health Information System would be driven increasingly by the needs of and ultimately directed by the tribes (both those who chose to contract/compact and those who did not) and urban Indian organizations. This report summarizes ten recommendations resulting from the roundtable.

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Indian Health Service, Office of Public Health, Division of Community and Environmental Health, Program Statistics Team, Rockville, MD 20857.