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The purpose of the second Roundtable Conference was to follow up on the issues identified at the First National Roundtable on Native American Elders, and to develop action plans for implementing the recommendations made there. Additionally, during the second Roundtable, the recommendations were prioritized and action plans were developed for those identified as top priority. Three issues were examined; 1). What changes in the Older Americans Act and in the administration of the Native American program would enhance Native American elders' access to services provided to them; 2). What are the issues in meeting the health care needs, including community-based long term care, of Native American elders; and 3). What are the issues Native American elders face in accessing services provided by State administered Federal programs and programs funded by the Federal government to the Tribes. Participants in the Roundtable identified several elements of the Older Americans Act (OAA) that hinder effective access to services by Native Americans. Issues addressed included: 1) development of national strategy to promote Congressional funding for Title VI of the Older Americans Act, and the Native American section of Title VII; 2) identification of the community based needs of the elders within Indian communities; and 3) promoting advocacy for comprehensive, long term community based systems of services that are reflective of cultural and language differences. This report integrates the priority recommendations made at the first Roundtable with the action plans developed at the second Roundtable.

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Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Aging, Washington, D.C.