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The purposes of this study are: (1) to describe the accomplishments of California Rural Indian Health Board (CRIHB) in its six year history, and diagnose recent problems; (2) to consider general issues which should take priority for the project in the coming year; (3) to discuss several other issues which should be examined and addressed by the CRIHB board of directors; and (4) to clarify a number of issues which were raised in the Interim Report. The effectiveness of all CHRIB projects should be measured in quantifiable terms in the coming year. In this report of general localized issues, the need for CRIHB to implement a comprehensive statewide reporting system was discussed. The data from this system was crucial to future allocations of funds, since the data would offer a clear picture of the number of Indian people in the service population for each of the local projects. The data generated from this study will provide the statistical base for congressional testimony, and applications to other funding sources. The following specific actions are indicative of CRIHB initiatives to solve its own problems: (1) a special committee of project directors working with the chairman and vice-chairman of the board was designated to improve the operations of the central office, and act on important Issues such as insurance programs, financial management, and equipment procurement; (2) the executive committee was hired as the acting executive directors of CRIHB; 3) the board of directors appointed a committee to review recommendations for streamlining the board and improving its operations; 4) the finance subcommittee will review the fiscal and budgeting recommendations in the Interim Report; 5) CFO hired a consultant to assist the local projects to prepare their proposals and budgets, which have been completed on time for submission; and 6) a new apportionment of CRIHB funds was made. Recommendations include: 1) development of local projects responsive to the needs of the community; 2) planning for the delivery of expanded services, particularly medical services; 3) reporting system (Basic Data Reporting System, Financial Report, Quarterly Performance Report) should be set in place as early in the new contract year as possible; and 4) development of an overall funding strategy for CRIHB. Specifically, this study suggests that an integrated approach to various funding sources should be developed, and the responsibility for dealing with those sources clearly placed within the CRIHB central office.

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Indian Health Service, Staff Office of Planning, Evaluation and Research, Rockville, MD 20857 (E-61).