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The purpose of this publication is to provide a resource and reference to assist in the formulation of culturally acceptable cancer prevention and control research projects or programs. Information in this publication may be of assistance to health care providers, tribal health planners, health educators, public health nutritionists, community health representatives, and health professionals working with AI/AN populations.The first section of this publication provides a brief overview of the cancer problem among American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) populations living in urban, rural, reservation, and village sites. The second section describes the role of nutrition in cancer prevention and control. The third section is an overview of the National Cancer Institutes-supported American Indian projects.The information from this publication can benefit researchers working with the AI/AN populations in the development and implementation of cancer intervention programs in urban, rural and/or reservation environments. It can also assist in the development of culturally competent AI/AN survey instruments for collection of accurate data. The information provided may also be useful in the development of culturally sensitive AI/AN cancer education materials and programs to be used in innovative research interventions.Variations in AI/AN culture and lifestyle patterns, i.e., smoking prevalence and access to medical care, pose unique challenges to the development of cancer prevention and control programs. Users of this publication should use appropriate sections to assist in the formulation of cancer prevention and control programs for the local community. Reservation hospitals and health centers, urban Indian health clinics, and other tribal settings are encouraged to collect and record cancer data for their community.

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Native American Monograph Series